February 21, 2006

Dear Cool People Who Are Actually Reading This,

In case you were wondering how this blog got started, here's the IM conversation that go things going:

Katie: I want to start a new blog that is just filled with letters...with entries like "dear jeans, I hate how you stretch out after one wash, love, katie"
Marie: ha haha
Marie: you are so awesome
Katie: dear twix candy bar, why must you be so deliciously crispy, love, KT
Marie: dear paycheck, why dont you come around more often, love marie
Katie: ha ha ha
Marie: mm twix
Marie: dear dc, why must you encourage your men to gel their hair
Katie: I'm going to get one now...and maybe a reeses for the road
Marie: im jealous
Katie: dear matthew mcconaughey, I don't mind that you don't wear deoderant love katie
Marie: make a whole blog of correspondense
Marie: dance...correspondance...or whatever
Katie: you and I should both be able to post on it
Marie: we can write back and forth
Marie: YES
Katie: so what should we call our correspondence co-blog?
Marie: holyguacamole.blogspot.com......... deardiary.blogspot.com........ commodorecorrespondance.blogspot... jk that one is horrible
Marie: ma'ama'a.blogspot
Katie: ha ha ha!!!!!! dadoreddiary.blogspot.com
Marie: jettamamano.blogspot.com
Marie: ha h a
Marie: vucommunication
Marie: wehaveabadfootballteam.blogspot.com
Katie: vanderbiltofficeofcommucationsciences
Marie: laughing OUT LOUD
Katie: mariomooreforever.blogspot.com
Katie: HA HA HA! I am dying, my boss thinks I'm crazy
Marie: dawidprysbewshiki.blogspot.com
Katie: HA HA HA!
Katie: mybossthinksimpsycho.blogspot.com
Katie: singleinthecities.blogspot.com
Marie: ima-gonnagetfiredatthisrate.blogspot
Marie: nosexinthecity
Katie: HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!
Marie: honkytonkbadonkadorks
Katie: oh my god! I am trying so hard not to loose it so that i don't have to explain to boss man what's so funny!
Marie: im convulsing!
Katie: mjgarettwenttovandy.blogspot.com
Marie: mj... soooo blogworthy
Marie: dear gauntlet, do your parents know you're gay, love marie
Katie: dear gauntlet...ha ha
Marie: dear sex, do you miss me too? love marie
Katie: ha ha ha!
Katie: dear ass, remember when you were smaller? love, katie
Marie: dear katie, how are you so hilarious, love marie
Katie: ha ha, whatever!
Marie: dear person reading this, on a scale of 1 to 10 how stinkin funny are we?!?!?!! love us

Katie & Marie

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