April 20, 2006

Dear People Who Like This Blog,

Fans Unite! We started a myspace group called "Fans of Unsorted Mail" because we think we're awesome (you included)! Check it out at http://groups.myspace.com/unsortedmail. Y'all are the best! Whatcha wanna woo woo!

Katie & Marie


Jordan said...

All of a sudden liking this blog made me feel like I was in middle school. Are we serious about a myspace club over? I am now starting a "Disgruntled ex-fans of Unsorted Mail Blog."

Katie said...

Ouch Jordan. That was harsh. You know those letter ideas that never made it to the blog? Well...if you wanted, you could post it on the myspace page whenever you like. It's 2006 friend...jump on the myspace train.

Mike B said...

Dear Myspace,

Why you got to discriminate against avid unsortedmail fans? This no post for 7 days is kinda lame.

Mike B

PS K&M, I would totally buy an UM t-shirt