June 04, 2008

Dear Sex And The City (The Movie),

How many women do you think watched you and immediately went out and bought a new pair of shoes?

I know I did.



whitneyp21 said...

Hahahhaa I know my roommate did!!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't buy new shoes, but after watching the movie I didn't feel bad about earlier purchasing my coach rainboots. Visit http://sandeep-sexandthecity.blogspot.com/

Jenniac said...

Dear women who were in the movie theatre with me at SATC,

Was it really necessary to dress up like you were staring in the movie as well as screaming and shouting at the screen the hole time?


R-becca said...

I bought two pairs!! ha!

Crystal Garcia said...

I bought cosmos for me and my 3 best friends...