July 27, 2006

Dear Coworker Who Left Spilled Milk In His Mini Fridge For 3 Plus Months And Is Just Now Trying To Clean It,

Dammit Jordan!

Katie & Everyone Else You Work With


Pettit said...

I (emphasized) did not leave milk in my refrigerator. My refrigerator is a beer fridge. Not a "Can I put my organic yogurt in there?" or a "Can I put my leftover Greek Chicken Pita in there?" fridge . . . a BEER FRIDGE. Aluminum doesn't spoil. And whoever put the fucking milk in there should have their eyeballs gouged out with the same spoon you ate your shitty cereal with it. And somebody tell the cleaning crew to hurry up.

Katie said...

Dear Jordan,

Whoa, simmer down friend! Oh, and clean that fridge while you're at it.


marietard5 said...

How about a "Can I cool down my spit juice for just a little while in here" fridge? I've been looking for one of those.