July 18, 2006

Dear Strangers Car That I Accidentally Got Into In My Frenzy To Get To The Airport,

Woah! Katie and I both, huh?!



KR said...

are u kidding?

How does that happen?

Does nobody lock their doors anymore?

not too mention the expediency of life that provokes such a mistake...we won't even talk about that....

marietard5 said...

Yah, see the only difference was that I was a passenger... and this driver was not exactly up for taking me to the airport.

KR said...

it gets better the more you tell

marietard5 said...

and i'd already been to the aiport once, but had left my wallet on some bleachers and had to ask my kind friend drive back me to get it? then i ran, grabbed it, jumped in a strangers car? you're right. it does just keep getting better and better.

Katie said...

Ya, it does just keep getting better.

But Marie, you left out that part when you and the driver were like "screw this! Let's get Sonic tots!" so you went and got a couple route 66 diet cherry limeades, did the Macarena in the parking lot and then played which is worse on your way to the airport. That's when you said that you would rather gain 150 lbs than have a super loud snoring husband. Man...you're crazy!