October 05, 2006

Dear Coworker Who Told Me That I Am Longwinded,

That is so not true, I always try to give you the least amount of information when you ask me questions, becuase I know that you're super busy, and it literally annoys me when people try and stand there and have an hour-long conversation with me when all I needed was a simple little thing like the printer is jammed and I can't fix it, or there's a customer whose details I don't understand, or there is a problem with the radio system, because you know that radio system is always own, I'm not sure why they don't just put in a little extra money and buy those Nextel phones, I mean sure there's a monthly fee, but we'll probably make that money back with the savings on time, like there was this one time that Antonio and I had a ten-minute long scuffle over the radio because neither of us were understanding what each other were saying, hey where are you going?


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