April 25, 2008

Dear Retail Store Employee,

It will always be fine to put my receipt in the bag.



feistyMNgirl said...

thank you. i want a t-shirt that says this. so i can point to it and not have to answer the inane question: "do you want the receipt with you, or in the bag?"


Jen said...

Have either of you ever worked retail? Coming from someone who worked retail for 6 years... it's always easier to ask then to get the rude sigh from the people who actually track their money meticulously and want their reciepts all together in their wallets. Believe me, although you may not be one of them there are more than you think. Preventative measures people- retail survival skills!

Lauren said...

yes, Jen! I've worked a retail job for only a year & a half & agree with you. It's always surprising to me how many people get so paranoid about their receipts. "Do I have my receipt?!?" "yes," I reply. It's in the bag for you." *sigh*