March 23, 2006

Dear Marie,

Let's talk about convention in Florida over Unsorted Mail?



Ronymaru. said...

tengo miedo de volver a comentar e estos blogs en inglés.y como no los entuendo,soñamente les dejo mi dirección,y ellos creen que es un spom.

Katie said...

Hola Ronald-

Yo no pienso que hemos encontrado. Pero quiero que tu comentes en nuestro blog. Lo siento...mi espanol no esta bien.


WendyC said...

Hmmm. Not being fluent in Spanish, I was curious as to your comment exchange. This is how translates your entries:

Ronald said:
I am afraid to comment again and these blogs in English.and as not the entuendo, soñamente them abandonment my direction, and they believe that is a spom

Katie said:
I do not think that we have found. But I want that your comment in our blog. I feel it. ..mi espanol not this well.

So.... I am afraid I still don't really know what either of you was trying to convey.

marietard5 said...

Dear Amigos,

Using the internet was a difficult task due to the influence of one certain man in the business center at the doubletree... read the coming-soon post re:kiss t-shirt arena-football-esque man for more details...

Love, Marie

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate.
This is a reminder about the punctuality policy at the firm. Please remember that you will be terminated if you do not attend the conference.

Have a nice day.

the Boss.